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Sunday Market Madness

As well as The Sunday Market next week we are also showing a documentary about William S Burroughs, a man made notorious by shooting his wife, having an addiction to morphine, founding the Beat movement, oh and he was also a writer (one of his novels ‘Naked Lunch’ was banned by the U.S Government). If that wasn’t enough illustrator and animator Danielle O’Malley will be creating a large scale instillation from characters and creatures she has developed during her time in the North.

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What this series is all about…

Every Thursday evening Islington Mill hosts a range of visual art events from artist’s talks, to performances and exhibition openings, showcasing the work of both local, national and international artists.

Click on the names opposite for more information on the programme of participating artists.

All events begin at 6pm and are free.

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Who, What & When…


2ND              Embryonic Film Project

9TH              Fourth Floor

16TH            Damo Suzuki

23RD            Alison Ward

                    & Shane Heinemeier


6pm             Sunk Costs

                    & Incomplete Thinking


7TH              Alison Ward

                    & Shane Heinemeier

14TH            An Evening of Dissatisfaction 

                    with Free Gifts


4TH              Mike Chavez Dawson

25TH            Joseph Richardson Reading Room

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