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Rainer Ganahl

Thursday 19th May

Rainer Ganahl is a visual artist, photographer and performer. He has exhibited widely including representing Austria at the 1999 Venice Biennial.

Ganahl’s work revolves around three key groups: the ‘Seminar/Lecture’ (S/L) series, the ‘Reading Seminars’ and his language studies (for example, Basic Japanese), all of which were begun as a series of investigations in the early 1990s. In the S/L series, is an ongoing series well-known cultural critics are photographed addressing audiences in lecture theatres and classrooms. however, the photographs, not only show the lecturer but also the listeners and students in the audience revealing something of the learning environment and relationship between lecturer and listener, teacher and taught.

Since 1993 he has staged his own ‘Reading Seminars’. In these he becomes an equal participant with his co-readers reciting texts by the likes of Frantz Fanon and Karl Marx. Many participants are often gallery visitors, curious individuals or, in the case of ‘Reading Frantz Fanon’, protesters at the G8 Summit in 2003, moving outside of the formal educational divide documented in S/L.

Ganahl is fascinated by educational systems, the potential of texts and the drive to learn. The drive to learn is investigated in his series of Language Studies, for example Basic Arabic (2003), which demonstrate the laboriousness of language acquisition. Ganahl has studied a number of different languages, including Japanese, modern Greek, Russian, Korean, Chinese and Arabic.

Ganahl is at Islington Mill as part of this years Reading For Reading Sake event, programmed within Bury Art Gallery’s TEXT festival. Ganahl will talk about his practice as part of the Say Something Series and will be encouraging listeners to join him for Reading for Reading Sake on 19th May.