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Alison Ward and Shane Heinemeier

7th July

On the 7th July Alison Ward and Shane Heinemeier will be having a live link up with FLUX Factory in New York. Whilst they are at the mill local artist Tom Watson has been using their studio at FLUX to develop new work and have an introduction to the art scene across the atlantic. The live link up will be a chance for people to ask Tom about his experience so far and hear some more about the work of Alison and Shane including, their FLUX projects Super G experience, the Night Market and Maker Faire.

For more information on Super G info can be found here

Info on the Night Market can be found in this article

and Maker faire here

They will also introduce their new collaborative initiative titled Habitable Spaces. Habitable Spaces is a three-month project in rural Texas, in which six artists will be invited to create and inhabit sculptural structures in an experiment in collaborative and intuitive building processes informed by the needs and desires of the surrounding landscape and resources. The project will see all participating artists living off the grid in a self-sustaining environment.

Shane Heinemeier is a painter from San Antonio, Texas, whose work is an abstraction of the idea of landscape, and the method of landscape painting.  He uses handmade tools to create works that while mechanical, still preserves the artist’s hand and an idea of intimacy. The idea of landscape as literal and as illusion are illustrated by the play between actual texture of the surface of the painting and simulated atmospheric depth.  Heinemeier received a BFA from Pratt Institute in 2007.  He has shown at Joan Grona Gallery and Blue Star gallery in San Antontio, and the Dumbo Arts Center, English Kills Gallery, Flux Factory gallery and Studio 111 in New York.