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An Evening of Dissatisfaction with Free Gifts

14th July

An evening of performance and environment by Rosanne Robertson.

The evening will be a night of performance and environment - a temple of dissatisfaction full of free gifts exploring consumer control and transparency of character and the intentions of both in relation to traditional forms of authority and currency.

Some about Rosanne

Rosanne is an artist based in Manchester, having graduated with a degree in fine art at Manchester School of Art in 2009. Her work jumps between the social and the personal and often
dips into the past and present of both. Rosanne often highlights the position of the artist in relation
to her work.

“A lot of time is spent trying to strip back the layers and levels of masturbatory thought, ‘intellectualisation’ and barriers that are created when trying to make art thought to be unique to my identity as an artist- in order to create an open and experimental platform where anything can happen.”

This involves glimpses into and questions about control, abandon, identity, communication and truth often by laying the artistic process bare via outputs such as performance, environment, installation, moving image, still image and text.